Co-Curricular German Opportunities

Digital Humanities

Advanced Training and Collaborative Experience

KSU students can join German, Austrian, and British students for a series of lectures, film screenings and discussions, and lots of opportunities to make friends and connections in Europe. You can also participate in the digital initiative: #EveryNameCounts.

Professional Networking

Connect with Germans through the Peer-Buddy Program

Meet virtually with professional trainees (Azubis) from Germany in a series of talks this Spring. Enjoy conversations with Germans selected by our grant-funding partner, The Herz Foundation of Hamburg, Germany. Apply by Tuesday, February 1, 2022!

Community Engagement

Foster Communication with German Speakers in the Atlanta Metro

Practice your German and establish a  correspondence with Georgia's German-speaking seniors. Earn bonus points in your course, or simply enjoy learning how to write a postcard in German – and get something much better than a bill in the mail in return! Watch the video!

International Business

Research International Markets and Gain Consultancy Experience

Are you interested in international business, real-world market research, and networking? Pegasus Partners will pay for your support in researching opportunities for mid-size companies from Germany/Austria. Requirements are that you are able to work independently and under direction. No technical or business background is necessary, but an interest in those fields is essential.

Translation and Curation

Contribute your Language Skills to KSU's Holocaust History Exhibits

If you are interested in history, museum work, and language study, our collaboration with the KSU Museum of History and Holocaust Education (MHEE) may offer you an entry point to your future career! Join us in our project of translating video subtitles, exhibit panels, and audio guides to “Anne Frank In Translation,” a multi-media exhibition on one of the world’s most famous women.

Virtual Study Abroad

Explore Diverse Topics in an International Forum

This virtual May seminar fosters transatlantic dialogues about the major global issues of today: public health, international relations, migration, climate change, and freedom of expression. KSU subsidizes the expense of tuition for this program and students who complete the seminar and assignments can earn a certificate. KSU students have the opportunity to earn college credit for the seminar and apply financial aid toward the cost.

Support for Work & Study Abroad


Summer Internships

KSU awards up to six stipends for students pursuing internships for 8-10 weeks in Germany in fields of their choice. Support up to $3,800.


Language Courses

KSU awards up to ten scholarships for students to complete one or more months of German language training in Münster, Germany.


Semester or Year

KSU provides generous stipends for up to 8 students who wish to study abroad as an enrolled university student for an entire semester or year.

Info Sessions

with Dr. Sabine Smith

Would you like to discuss your options related to co-curricular opportunities, or studying / working abroad? Do you seek advising about how to integrate international study with your completion of degree requirements? Reach out to Dr. Smith for your next steps.

In Spring 2022, the appointments for virtual information sessions are 3:30-4:45 pm on the following days: Thu 1/20, Fri 2/4, Mon 2/21, Tue 3/8, Wed 3/23. Join via this Zoom link (Password: InfoGer21).

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